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Secretly sharing wife's naked pictures online

I have fantasies of showing off my naked wife to others, but too scared to do it. Without her knowing, I put up her naked pics online (with her face hidden) and ask. We've collected for you the most unusual Collection of Housewives pictures and placed them into albums (up to 16 Naked Pussy Pics My Wife Online Pics. A man is sharing nude photos of his super sexy, busty blonde hotwife nudity photo nude couples public pics wife nude public Real nudity.

Ask Share naked wife pictures Question today. Without her knowing, I put up her naked pics online with her face hidden and Share naked wife pictures for other men to comment. I enjoyed having men commenting how they find her attractive and telling Share naked wife pictures in many ways they will enjoy her body. They would take pictures Share naked wife pictures the deed Share naked wife pictures post it back.

At some point around men has seen her naked and when I'm being Share naked wife pictures with her it really turns me on knowing many men finds her sexy.

I have been doing it for sometime now. It can, like anything else, become addictive. Share naked wife pictures to give you a heads up for what WILL happen down the road, this is what happened to me withing the past week.

I was being a little to blunt. There will be times a slight amount of guilt arises, especially going to the store, wondering when men stop and take a second look, if they just met what they consider a porn star, just wondering if you are going to be confronted with "hey arent you" It is definatly a good idea to blur out the face, but that does take the rush out of it. And one other thing, chances are she will find out, mine suspects somthing. And today someone repoted me or somthing, so I forsee me slacking off a bit.

I didnt know I was doing anything wrong. Its my wifes ass, I took with my camera, I should be able to use them as I see fit. If you do decide to, Don't mention anywhere that she doesnt know, because Share naked wife pictures of people frown on that. It is a rush, some of them will get really nasty. But be forewarned, it can be as addictive as crack, and you will say you wont do it Share naked wife pictures but you will.

I have been suspended from the yellow smiley logo site as well; still love to show to others comments are so awesome. I agree that it's highly addictive and a huge rush. I recently shot a hidden Share naked wife pictures video of me and my wife having sex, posted it online and it got about 70, views before I got nervous and took it down.

But I posted it to another site that won't let you delete for 90 days and I noticed where it had been shared to another site by someone.

I freeze framed some still shots and they got several thousand views. I posted the stills on some social media sites and now they've been reposted several times by others. I shared them with guys on craigslist and that got weird but was fun too. On army Share naked wife pictures immediately sent them to several buddies overseas.

This is all Share naked wife pictures huge rush for me but it's hard to stop. I think my wife vaguely suspects something. I do feel guilty and know I've got to stop. I think this I'd a common fantasy now made easy by digital technology and internet. Any husband can do it if he's willing.

But I would say don't ever Share naked wife pictures because it's like smoking dope. You say your going to quit after just one more time. It happen to me. Sharing wife pics and video until.

I started uploading some pics recently. Also it starts with simple stuff like transparant cloth but you want more so u go nude u want more so u like to make face visible or even make vids! That exactly what you say: I also went on a chat programm. You are so right. It is addictive as crack. Share naked wife pictures wife caught me filming her, but she still doesn't know I posted her pics and vids on dozens of sites. She now closes the bathroom door when she showers, and all I can think about is how to get a camera in there.

I know of a way to get a cam in the bathroom. I laid it on the bathroom sink Share naked wife pictures let it run while my wife was in the shower and got some great screen shots from the video that I share.

Might I add though that I do think it's kinda sad though that a lot of you guys gotta do this in secret. There not just some girlfriend anymore. I'm in that school of thinking where in a marriage everything should be out on the table, especially when it comes to sexual fetishes, cause in exchange for your vows to remain loyal to her it should be her duty to do whatever it is that you long for sexually, as long as it's something that's gonna kill her. And trust me, with all the crap on the internet now having a few pictures of you posted in some remote corner of the web is not gonna kill anyone, unless you're some sort of celebrity, and even then there's no such thing as bad publicity.

I think this has to be consensual or it is a type of betrayal! The nerve of some people is disgusting. I did the same thing myself and found it kind of addictive, as bbwife says.

But I wasn't really satisfied with the response. I think my wife's got a great looking body and the pictures were pretty revealing although they weren't spread-open beaver shots but I didn't get anywhere near as many comments as some other guys did with less sexy posts of their naked wife in my humble opinion. On top of that I did feel some guilt about it because she didn't even know I took the pics since she's a heavy sleeper after a bottle of wine. Anyway you look at it, it's to some extent a violation of trust.

After all, she sleeps by my side never thinking that I'm going to take advantage of her trust to spread pictures of her pussy all over the internet, even if my motive is the joy of sharing her with the world.

Yes i feel proud by sharing my wifes nude pics n videos n i often let my frnds to make love with her n when hold her tight n cum deep inside her n she kiss them n wrap her Share naked wife pictures around their hips i used 2 get horny,i dnt mind if my wife gets pregnant by strangers,i love her n she loves me 2 coz she enjoy sex with strangers n i let her do that.

It is absolutely normal for a husband to want to show his wife naked to other men, either in person or in photos. If a guy is pleased and proud of his wife's body, then he wants other guys to look at her to. This is the one thing that drives the entire nudist culture, the desire of these husbands to show their wives' naked bodies to other men.

Not too many of them will admit it, but it is the elephant in the room which no one has the courage to talk about. Yes, I really like sharing my wife's naughty pussy pics with the world! Do you like to share your wife pics? If you know people post photos of people without them knowing like you say on wifelovers. Ok I can see it's a huge turn on for people to think how your wives are sexy and she's all yours and how lucky you are etc But ever stopped to think how the women, the "victims" in all this would feel?

Fine if they are consenting but I assume the pics being taken are, from the wives point of view at least, between the 2 of you? I think the lot of you are fuckwits who deserve to be caught, I mean FFs what state are your marriages in to be violating your wives like that, and them walking around completely oblivious?

Marriage should be based on trust right? They'd be better off single! If Share naked wife pictures found out my partner was doing this I'd do more than break his balls!! It's not normal imo. It's maybe an adolescent fantasy to feel the need to do this.

I have been doing this for 14 years and have posted hundreds of pictures of my wife on the internet using her real first name. At first I would blur her entire face, then just the eyes and for the past years I have been posting her pictures showing her face.

She has no clue and it has been a major turn on to be cruising the net and see that some of her pics have been stole and reposted elsewhere. Of course, I have shared her pics with our closest male friends and it is a major turn on to know that they look at her differently now. I think the cat is out of the bag and there is no reason to come clean for any present purpose.

Best to keep doing what you do and hopefully if or when that bird comes home Share naked wife pictures roost you will be too old and tired to argue about it. It might prove to be the most loving considerate thing you have ever done for the relationship.

Your desire to permanently document your sexual feats and Share naked wife pictures as erotic unit throughout your lives together may one day bring you two even closer together long after you may have felt the lusting and longing for each other fade Then as you replay the digital images discovered in some future digital vault and start watching them together you find it reigniting your inner fires and you both passionately re-embrace in one final tryst of true love and devotion whereupon you both suffer major coronaries and fucking die It's not near as bad as others might make it out toBE You have my applause sir!

Well friends, I have been doing this for a year or so. She suspects a little bit that I secretly make film of her and post on the internet but I think she didn't mind it although she had asked me if i do so but i simply denied. I found it incredible turn on to know hundreds of guys have seen her naked but as i go on the lust of doing more increases day by day. What i am really thinking to do is to ask her to allow me to photograph her with total command and Share naked wife pictures every angle.

Believe me she has got a very hot and attractive body and i want to expose it to all. Another fantasy is to share her with some of my close friends by anonymously sending them her pictures and when they become horny allowing them to come Share naked wife pictures my home and be free with my wife and gradually make her agree to do sex and that too in my presence.

And i am sure one day i'll succeed in that. I think thats pretty cool! Its a way to have the excitement of sharing your wife many a guy's fantasy! Where can I post pics of my wife on the internet? All those Guys who get fantasy by posing their own wives pictures or showing Share naked wife pictures video. Really guys open your sense out of illusion, think again and again till u find right Share naked wife pictures of righteous.

It not a right human though of being God blessed born we must not abuse your own wife to show their nude which is only to you and only you to others. I know for few husband it makes their dick hard when they do this, even i was addicted once the same way other does.

If you want to be horny, Share naked wife pictures imagine your wife that you r a stranger and u r fucking your wife for very first time. God will protect u.

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Views. Nude wife sunbathing, and fuck 5 Pics. Nude wife sunbathing, and fuck Views. British wife nude in Niqab stockings and suspenders 12 Pics. Sexy Naked Amateur Pictures, Nude Selfies! Share your naked photos, manage your content, create private albums, customize your profile and more. We've collected for you the most unusual Collection of Housewives pictures and placed them into albums (up to 16 Naked Pussy Pics My Wife Online Pics.

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