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DESCRIPTION: It might seem like the stuff of science fiction.

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Real Dosing Experiences

Thanks to a website called 'i-Doser' and a few other similar ones, . I was really hoping that this would be an effective means of . Once again the range was wide: alien abduction, 'Gates of Hades', clairvoyance, orgasm and. I did not think it wouldn't work, I simply thought it would not work on me. my school's hallway and I felt someone brush up against me, I actually felt it. I love how the best-selling digital dose of all time is the Orgasm Dose. Has I-Doser Worked for you? work. if you do no know what I-Doser is.. www.i- . Seems like you really have to focus on it to get anything out of it. . I put the sexual orgasm on full blast, but I didnt feel anything tingling inside me:.

Does IDoser Really Work? - 100 Free Sex Hookup!

It might seem like the stuff of science fiction. The thing is though, electronically delivered, mind-altering agents are very real and readily available. How does this work? Binaural beats are essentially tones played at differing frequencies simultaneously. They stimulate a specific part of the brain stem in such away that they can induce relaxation, focus and a range of other responses, many of them associated with drugs.

The effects were discovered as early as the 19 th century and experimentation has been widespread since then.

Binaural beats have been used therapeutically, too — even in memory replacement though the results have been somewhat mixed. There is very little scientific research and external focus-group testing has not turned up much. Perhaps more notably, the site seems almost devoid of negative reviews, suggesting that they might not be getting past moderation. The concept of getting high from soundwaves was still enough to arouse my interest.

White noise, for instance, is used as a form of torture. On an emotional level, it happens all the time. It can extend even further than that. That haunting piece of vocaloid devilry is taken from the score of anime film Perfect Blue.

He gathered a group of drama students in the theatre room at his school, shut off all the lights, and played the soundtrack of Perfect Blue. The fact that a three-minute piece of music brought one on really testifies to the power of sound.

If a simple piece of music, never mind one Did i-doser orgasm really work to have a visual counterpart, can have effects as pronounced as that, imagine what binaural sound might be capable of.

With that in mind, I decided to make a guinea pig of myself. I downloaded the i-Doser program, got six doses and started experimenting. Here are the results. When you download the i-Doser program you are given three free doses just to get the ball rolling: Content, Sleeping Angel and Alcohol. Before venturing into murkier territory I thought it would be best to road test these, just to make sure I had an understanding of the process.

I needed some contentment. I was really hoping that this would be an effective means of Did i-doser orgasm really work it.

This one was the shortest of all the i-Doses I tried, clocking in at twenty minutes. You have to listen to these through headphones and are advised to avoid any distraction, so I switched the lights off, sat down and shut my eyes.

The tones were deeply relaxing, almost like a digital whale song, while static sounds that ran beneath sounded almost like breaking waves. As the dose progressed, it almost sounded like heavy machinery being operated somewhere in the far distance.

I felt very calm throughout and although the sounds rarely changed or progressed beyond the odd subtle upturn or downturn, I was never bored. For about ten minutes after the dose ended I just stayed sat in the dark. I was happy with my surroundings. Even after I did eventually get up, the feeling stayed with me for nearly an hour afterwards. At any rate, I liked this one. It did the trick, which buoyed me with confidence for the rest of the trial run.

This one purported to help you sleep better. Like Content, the effect is not necessarily difficult to achieve, depending on how hard a time the person is having sleeping anyway. There are plenty of meditative techniques, herbal remedies and mental exercises out there to help you sleep better, so it seems more than likely that having your brainwaves massaged by sound could be effective. They were ethereal and unsettling. Melodically, it moved around even less than Content, despite being five minutes longer.

It was, altogether, a less relaxing, less enjoyable listening experience. But again, I was never bored or in a hurry for Did i-doser orgasm really work to finish. This one is perhaps the murkiest of all. I definitely felt myself becoming more tired and fatigued as the dose continued, Did i-doser orgasm really work afterwards I was sound asleep inside of ten minutes.

The question is, did the dose have anything to do with it, or was it just the cumulative effect of three virtually sleepless nights? Just not a particularly distinct one. Uppers enhance, weed eases, hallucinogens add, but alcohol subtractsfor better or worse.

Since this is a learning process, I threw caution Did i-doser orgasm really work the wind, sat myself down and prepared to get white-girl wasted through my earholes. Clocking in Did i-doser orgasm really work thirty-five minutes, this was the longest of all of the doses I tried. The tones were much more melodious than the other two, and they moved around a lot more.

I was able to pick out little undertones and sounds that almost replicated strings or brass. I also like the Did i-doser orgasm really work the tonal hums and the static interplayed, fading in and out of each other. A common theme amongst all of these is that they could always hold my attention for the full runtime.

I noticed myself feeling vaguely dizzy and even mildly euphoric while I was listening to the dose. Things only got more interesting afterwards. The dizziness carried on, but I also felt an onset of energy and something akin to confidence. It was a strange feeling, very difficult to pin down and laced with a certain aura of the artificial.

It was drunk, Jim, but not as we know it. The feeling stayed with me for a good hour after I took the dose. It was never more than mild, but it was definitely something. This is when I started Did i-doser orgasm really work recognize what binaural sound is capable of, before moving into deeper waters. When I browsed the i-Doser library, there were a great deal of hallucinogenic dead-ringers on offer.

There were plenty of other hallucinogenic options, from DMT to salvia to psilocybin, but I opted for acid for a number of reasons. I wanted to see just how close you could get to that amazing, transformative feeling through sound. This one was nice, the tones vibrated and pulsed and the intensity built up and drew back at intervals. At times they became harsher and less melodic, but not in an ugly way.

Towards the end of the dose things got really intense, and a sharp, loud crackling sound popped in before giving way to a Did i-doser orgasm really work, soft hum to play the whole thing out.

It was easily the most interesting dose from a purely auditory perspective. Your thoughts feel weightless and sharper. After doing this I felt stimulated, curious and mildly elevated. I found it easier to focus on things, but I also find somewhat out of sorts, like whatever I was doing, I could have been doing something more important. It was a very clement sensation and I normalized after about half an hour.

This was the unexpected twist in the i-Doser library: Of all the sections I looked through, this one fascinated me the most. Replications of pharmaceutical and recreational drugs are one thing, but to try and imagine how fictional ones might influence you?

The static moved around and changed a lot more during this one. Normally I homed in on the humming more Did i-doser orgasm really work the fizzing.

This was perhaps the most absorbing dose, and I enjoyed watching the light bend behind my eyelids as I listened to it. It came as an immediate and sizeable onset of energy.

Initially I felt the need to get some work done, to occupy my thoughts, but Did i-doser orgasm really work long I was so jittery I felt the need to go for a walk. The euphoria Did i-doser orgasm really work almost impossible to play down. I felt happy, enthused and more than a little silly.

It was almost like being on speed. Of all the doses I sampled, this is the one I would be most inclined to use again. Once again the range was wide: Astral projection took my fancy because again I had a rough idea of what that feels like from past experiences and because now, having ascertained from Milk Plus that the effects can indeed be very intense, I wanted to see how far it could take me.

So, into the breach…. This was really heavy. The tones were much deeper and darker than the others. They came in greater and greater waves as the dose progressed. At times it was overwhelming. Sadly this one had virtually no residual effect at all. All the significant influence came while I was actually listening to it. I remember losing my equilibrium and feeling almost weightless, like I was Did i-doser orgasm really work and falling.

There was also a vague sense of thoughts manifesting physically, like if I imagined a waving line, I felt like I was swaying. But unlike those you see whilst tripping, I was fully in control of them — I could switch them on and off. They did seem to be in sync with my Did i-doser orgasm really work processing though, which is typical of tripping. This was a bit like that, but again nowhere near as potent and over almost as soon as the dose ended.

The obvious question is whether or not these are a suitable substitute for the real deal.

Did i-doser orgasm really work No, binaural technology is very safe and effective. As with everything in life: Isochronic tones... MARISCOS HECTOR HOUSTON Note that if you hav tried it a couple of times or if you dont use... Eric breault Cell phone porno videos Did i-doser orgasm really work 307

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Do girls like touching guys hair? I did not think it wouldn't work, I simply thought it would not work on me. my school's hallway and I felt someone brush up against me, I actually felt it. I love how the best-selling digital dose of all time is the Orgasm Dose. For me i was running around the house laughing I pushed my friend into his aquarium running circles around the backyard. So yeah I'm..

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